Living better with a professional illness

An illness is referred to as « professional » if it is a direct consequence of the exposure of a worker to a physical, chemical or biological risk, or results from the conditions carried out during his professional activity.

Several types of pain can occur at the workplace: physical and psychological pains, some of which can bring about the others and vice versa.

These pains can be muscular or articular, ranging from a simple discomfort to a major work disability.

The psychological pains begin with a malaise and can go even further until suicide.

In this book you will find:

  • Simple techniques to take care of your mind
  • Simple techniques to take care of your body
  • Simple techniques to manage your fatigue and pain
  • Simple techniques to manage your organization at work
  • 80 therapies to live better, presented as index cards
  • Treatments for 50 occupational diseases (stress, spasmophilia, hypertension, allergies…)
  • 15 tips for optimizing your health