Happy for ever

How to really stop struggling and start living

If there is one thing that brings us all together is our quest for Happiness…

Behind every choice we make, behind every action we take, lies the desire to be happier, but how to achieve this coveted Happiness?
In this book you will find many practical tips that may well allow you to open the door to a quantity of unsuspected joy for your daily life…

Each element is approached in a very simple and accessible to all, easy to implement tips to free ourselves from all that hinders our happiness and our daily well-being, while creating an ever more inspiring and luminous life. To be taken without moderation!

This book teaches you particularly:

– How to reach happiness?
– Happiness at work is something else than multiplying breaks!
– Happiness is in gratitude
– How to be optimistic in all circumstances?
– Meditation for a better mood, learn to reveal your aptitude for happiness
– Happiness in love, how to be really happy in your relationship?