Everyone has the right to live in good health. Tome 1

People with chronic conditions face challenges every day. They must manage their health and also maintain their ability to perform daily tasks that seem simple for most people. In addition, they often have to cope with the frustration, anger, and depression that often accompany chronic health problems.

When one is faced with a chronic illness, the most important things to do is to better understand one’s health condition and respond to it by becoming a good self-manager on an ongoing basis.

This book is filled with hundreds of effective tips, helpful suggestions and concrete strategies to deal with ones chronic illness, manage ones emotions, and live productive lives. Here you will finds suggestions to help you set goals, make decisions, and find resources and support. There is also reliable information about exercise, healthy eating, intimacy, sex, and communication with friends, family and caregivers.

This book can help thousands of people with a chronic condition achieve their greatest possible physical potential and enjoy life.

The goal is to help anyone with a chronic illness to live a productive and healthier life.