Enhance your quality of life at work

Employees, take responsibility for your own health and happiness

Taking responsibility for your life is to recognize and accept that your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and emotions give rise as much to happy and unhappy situations that you have experienced as well to the difficulties or happiness that you are currently experiencing.

Why this book?

It is time to focus on the quality of life at work and the health of employees from an individual and not an organizational point of view. This evolution is all necessary as the impact of work on health, currently observed in companies (depression, burnout, suicides,…) has become more worrisome. We cannot be satisfied, as proposed in the report recently submitted to the Labor Minister, to set up national surveys on stress which are certainly necessary, but may delay the effective consideration of psychosocial risks. We must, without falling behind, implement actions employees level, especially as there are effective approaches that have been proven.

In this book you will find:

  • Simple techniques to take care of your mind
  • Simple techniques to take care of your body
  • Simple techniques to manage your fatigue and pain
  • Simple techniques to manage your organization at work
  • 80 therapies to live better, presented as index cards
  • Treatments for 50 occupational diseases (stress, spasmophilia, hypertension, allergies…)
  • 15 tips for optimizing your health