Diagnose the quality of life of your employees at the workplace

How to better reconcile your professional activity while preserving your healthy living?

This book is based on the desire to combine the best of medicine, science and human support to improve the quality of life of people facing the effects of aging in their everyday lives and in their professional context.

Its purpose is to provide a meaningful, reproducible, and interactive analysis between the level of intensity / durability of stress and the health impact. In doing so, the reader will be able to analyze the personal and professional factors of stress, the factors of psychological and physiological resistance and the global impact in terms of health capital wear and depression.

To do so, it was imperative to have simple questionnaires, accessible to all employees and scientifically predictive according to their score in terms of unfavorable health impact in the medium term and the favorable impact to the resistance of stress effects on health or spirit.

The author selected existing questionnaires that are rigorously validated scientifically, easy to use and that meet the required analysis.