Beauty Detox Solution

Crunch your life, boost your energy and the body you want

Do you dream of a radiant complexion, shiny hair, quality sleep and, above all, excellent health?

To be beautiful on a daily basis!

The author gives you really practical advice, almost magical potions and not chemical secrets!

In the program:

• The balanced diet
• Nutritional excesses and deficiencies
• Food labeling
• Lipids: friends or foes?
• Vitamins and minerals
• No retirement for the fork!
• Stress and diet
• Food balance and sports nutrition
• Summer’s traps
• The 7 traps of the festive season
• Detox after the festive season
• 7 infallible anti-fatigue health assets
• How to treat your skin and hair naturally
• How to erase your wrinkles in a natural way
• How to definitively overcome cellulite bulges