Be bonveillant with yourself! free your emotions

It all starts with an act of love which is the first emotion behind what you are…

Since our conception, we have been shaped by emotions.

The first emotion is in fact its own creation, that is to say in all logic « Love ».

When not an act of love during its fertilization, it will be a question of qualifying the emotion as:

  • Non-consented acts (rape, forced union, etc.),
  • Assisted fertilization (In Vitro Fertilization, assisted procreation, etc.)
  • artificial insemination
  • Surrogacy (surrogate mother)
  • Unwanted child

We are constantly traversed by negative emotions that destabilize us and scare us. Given that we fear anguish, fear, sadness, anger, and avoid being confronted with it, we repress them. But even negative emotions helps us live because they are part of life. It is not a question of managing them or of mastering them ,but of taming them to free oneself and live better.