Act or surrender, take back your health

This book is the result of the combination of several approaches; health self-management, very well-developed in Canada, advanced self-coaching methods and techniques to optimize your health.

It aims to help you take care of your health in a responsible, free, and autonomous way and establishing strategies for a better sustainable living.

How to do so?

By self-managing and self-coaching because you are the only one who can do it

« Self-management » means using strategies to deal with health problems and reduce them. It can help you take control and have a good quality of life, despite your problems.

However, sometimes we have everything at hand and yet, we do nothing; the goal of self-coaching is to find the motivation to take action.

Thus, « health self-coaching » tries to motivate you to take action and change your daily behaviors (self-manage). To do so you will need to know what you want (ultimate goal), where you are (initial state) and what are the next steps to get there (project).